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Breathe in nature and enjoy the serenity of personal space

Are you visiting or moving to Jeddah? A common question asked is there a luxury compound near me? The answer to this question is yes. You can get luxuriously furnished apartments in Jeddah by checking out our 6 high-end quality Mura Bustan Compounds. We have everything to satisfy you no matter your personal idea of a luxury apartment. Our expatriates’ housing villas include fully-furnished options. You can get a great furnished house for rent in Jeddah with us.

However, we do not only offer nice buildings. The Mura Bustan concept signifies a very private but total living environment. Every one of us conceives home in his own way with patios, open spaces, privacy, entertainment areas, and gardens/ The preference changes with personal considerations as age, family size, and taste.

Mura Bustan homes have been designed to match most peoples’ ideas of a home away from home. Thoughtfully laid out and built to international standards, residents can experience quality of living. Separate accommodations for bachelors are reserved in the compounds. If you want a single house or apartment for rent in Jeddah, you are covered at Mura Bustan. 

Mura Bustan offers seven different types of homes enclosed in six compounds, totaling 229 villas. Each compound expresses a pleasing individuality and has its own unique landscaping. The villas are available, either furnished or unfurnished, so those who want furnished apartments for rent in Jeddah can go for former.

All residential units are fully supplied with modern amenities reliable equipment, backed by regular care and maintenance.

Mura Bustan is home to luxury apartments for rent in Jeddah that offer everything you need for a memorable time. Check out houses for rent in Jeddah to get top quality villas for rent.

house type1


Mura Bustan’s first compound is designed for small families who seek nice, temporary homes. This compound offers expatriates so much freedom and luxury that they will assume they own the property due to the high comfort and amenities.

This compound comprises single-story villas. Each home is a 2-bedroom family unit with its own patio leading into the living/dining area. MB-1 features lovely landscaping, a swimming pool, clubhouse, playground, and tennis court. An outside parking area is available along with a spacious garden.


A major center of the Mura Bustan compounds, it houses the restaurant, supermarket and bachelor apartments. The townhouses in this compound are two-story and designed for those who prefer a private garden area and entrance. MB-2 features spacious lovely landscaping while it comprises a swimming pool, playground area, and internal parking. All windows are double-glazed to keep out the heat and noise.

Book a villa in the MB-2 to enjoy the best in luxury expatriate housing.

House type 3


The MB-3 is designed for families. It gives you and your family an opportunity to access a comfy family flat in Jeddah. This compound has an air-conditioned squash court and playgrounds as well as a pool. The homes surround the pool with abundant verdant areas for children to play. It is the perfect family compound to rent in Jeddah.

Each two-floor home is a three-bedroom unit with its own private patio. The master bedroom on the second floor has its own ensuite bathroom. Plus, each unit has a private entrance and parking area.

Our Jeddah apartment rent process is straightforward. You can start booking now.


Planned and built along the lines of Compound 4, this particular compound has a tennis court, playschool, garden, and children’s area. MB-4 is the perfect compound to book a quality family expatriate apartment.

House type 4
House Type 5


Compound 5 was planned similarly to Compounds 3 and 4. It has an adult and children’s swimming pool as well as child’s play area. The homes here are designed for family expatriates to enjoy the comfort of a carefully and well-built villa in Jeddah


The last member of the Mura Bustan Family, Compound 6 has its own patio and parking area. Each home is a three-bedroom villa. The master bedroom has its own en suite bathroom. This Compound has the largest pool among the other Mura Bustan compounds. All villas are surrounded by lush landscaped gardens.

The recreation center is also located in this compound, as well as the children’s nursery. Want a fun expatriates Jeddah house for rent? Place a call now to get information about MB-6!

House Type 6

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